Public premises

75 photos
Children spend more time in kindergarten than at home. It is important to give them maximum comfort, to comply with the required ...
75 photos
Creating a favorable working environment is the main task of each company owner. She is the key ...
75 photos
Bar - an institution for reflection and solitude. Here a person can relax after a grueling day, ...
hookah design
75 photos
Nowadays, such oriental fun as hookah is becoming increasingly popular. In the Ancient East ...
black and white cafe design
75 photos
Designing your own home or doing repairs in it is clearly a pleasure. This is a huge field for ...
stylish and modern design of the sauna
75 photos
Saunas are versatile. They can be installed in a finished room or built from scratch. Important...
beauty salon decor
75 photos
Beauty is the place of transformation of many women. Therefore, it is important to have in the arsenal of not only upscale ...
store design ideas
75 photos
Stores make a completely different impression on us: some are annoying and provoke more likely to escape ...
beauty salon barber shop design
75 photos
Beauty is a place where any woman can be transformed. Because the interior design of the hairdresser ...
idea of ​​light design cafe in the loft style picture
75 photos
Any owner of a cafe or restaurant wants to make his restaurant special, attract customers and get around ...
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